I am deeply involved in dance world and nearly 35 years of dancing and creating dance art installations yielded many dance-themed paintings. This painting is a part of  ‘ballet dancers’ series that aims to deconstruct a prevailing enigmatic image of ballerinas that are usually thought of as a rigid fixity of absolute centering system of classical ballet and associated with fleshless pale anemic female body. My aspiration was to re-create assumed emblematic images constructed by dominating social structures. This work emerged during quarantine as a practice of everyday art/dance/life-making ritual that became an open manifestation of an art protest against intensified social struggles of lockdown. I wanted to re-imagine the classical ballet dancers as a grounded moving spirit of ballerinas of color that engaging with light of stage in a round dance of (r)evolutionary emotive motion. 

In the Ballerina series, I am exploring the relationship between dance as a spiritual practice and dance as a sexually charged act. I am juxtaposing the ethereal with the ephemeral, in other words, I strive to show the Ballet dancer as half-God half-animal.  I want the viewer to see how while the dancer appears to have a transcendent experience, the dancer is also concealing sexual desire.