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Interior & Exterior Design 

Fine Arts & Decorative Works


Service provided: 


Design & murals for your interior & exterior

Color consultation, material specification

Wall, floor & ceiling artwork

Decorative works on all types of surfaces (sheetrock, wood, metal, plaster, etc.)

Fine art (paintings, sculptures)


Full service, from idea, construction to completion.

Dear Customer,


When I am developing design ideas for public places or private houses I always guided by the visual ecology of the space. My goal is to enter organically into the environment to find something fresh and new without disrupting the natural harmony of the place. Over the past 30 years, I have made design/artworks/murals for private houses/hotels/businesses, as well I have produced numerous pieces of public and monumental art.


I am looking forward to collaborate with You!




Vadim Puyandaev

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