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Andrew Ward
Andrew Ward
Suzanne Lappas
Suzanne Lappas, Rosemary Hannon
Suzanne Lappas, Kegan Marling
Christine Bonansea
Kegan Marling
Andrew Ward, Kegan Marling
Kegan Marling, Andrew Ward

2009   Nocturnal Butterflies - an audio-visual-kinetic performance and exhibition “side effect” in Project Artaud Theatre.

Nocturnal Butterflies is a multimedia dance performance dedicated to the legendary dancer, choreographer, mad genius, and beautiful myth of the early 20th century, Vaslav Nijinsky. Nijinsky’s notebooks—full of strange dreams and fantasies, often of an unusual sexual nature—form the foundation of our research for our Nocturnal Butterflies. Our goal in this performance is to penetrate the illusory world the genius preferred to the real one. Like a nocturnal butterfly, exposed to the harsh daylight, Nijinsky and his art were too beautiful and vulnerable for the cold world of rationality.

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