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Dance Artists write about my paintings

"A world that turns itself inside out. Remnants of wings, spines, arms, legs, geometric passions, and interlocking angles of grace. The language of color and rhythm of shape. I feel comforted by beauty and the study of perception. Vadim is a master of perception. I find the work to be both stable and in motion, simultaneously Yes, falling and landing. Deconstructed and constructed. Life and death."

Kristen Greco.

"It has changed the entire space. You have the paintings here. The color, texture and rhythm expand how the room feels. I have looked at the paintings closely everyday, and everyday I find new things, new dancers, new aspects or relationships that I had not seen before. I wish these paintings could stay! Thank you."

Ronja Ver.

Red Wind / Ruah Aduma, an Art Installation

photos by Aleksey Bochkovsky

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