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36" x 60", oil on canvas, 2017

Boats #22

  • Shipping included in the price.

    Painting Size: 36 H x 60 W x 1.5 in 

    Ships in a crate.

    This item will ship in a wooden crate. Large artworks are shipped in a very sturdy crate that is built for shipping art. The crate will contain packaging materials that meet all guidelines to keep it firmly in place during its journey, and will be tightly sealed together.

  • Painting: Oil on Canvas.

    Having sailed the Red Sea, Black Sea, and the Pacific Ocean, I observed the underlying flux in nature, particularly the resting, floating boats. My seascapes capture the permanence of change in life made manifest in the illusory stillness of floating boats. While boats float along the dock, they are at rest and appear still. While moving, nature rests; change seems to be the only constant in life. As the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus says, “You never step into the same river twice.” In embracing the permanence of change, one finds existential repose. The act of observing and painting boats is a meditation practice. Boats are a metaphor for the pause in a journey. A moment of self-reflection in a constantly changing world. I think, 'What a miracle and joy it is to witness the physicality of boats!' I ask, 'how do they exert their weight on the water and how are they truly present in reality?' The Boats series represents my appreciation for meditation and coming to terms with the constancy of change.

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