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Original: One-of-a-kind Artwork

 46" x 60" x 1.5", oil on canvas, 2021

Nearly 35 years of dancing and creating dance art installations yielded many dance-themed paintings. When immersed in Improvisation sessions, I connect with collaborators-dancers, and when taking a rest, I observe the joyful experience and make sketches of fellow dancers. This inside-out and outside-in approach captures the dynamic of intensity and relaxation in dancing bodies. The bodies are depicted using unstable, abstract forms and dynamic, expressive colors, thereby instilling a feeling of movement or movement potential, as the bodies playfully appear and disappear on the canvas. I am also drawn to the social and collaborative aspect of dance. As a painter, I spend a great deal of time alone, and this energy of collaboration and socializing gives me a sense of connection to the universe and something larger than myself. Because the collective group energy draws me to this subject, I do not paint individual faces or details on the dancers. The abstract energy and combination of colors produce the emotional meaning of the work.

Dancers # 12

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