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Original: One-of-a-kind Artwork

35" x 48" x 1.5", oil on canvas , 2015

Historically Still Life represents the transience of life where decay and vanity go hand in hand. My Still Life series reimagines the paintings of ordinary objects by imbuing them with life and suggesting possibilities for spontaneous movement. The viewer begins to observe the life forces inherent in the objects. The ordinary object is made alive. What is the emotional experience of light traversing and reflecting various surfaces? To elicit an experience of movement and even transformation, my work depicts ordinary objects that co-exist with birds and butterflies who are either flying or on the verge of flight. This series reimagines stillness and transience with a life-affirming “YES!”

Still Life #2

  • Shipping included in the price.

    Ships in a crate.

    This item will ship in a wooden crate. Large artworks are shipped in a very sturdy crate that is built for shipping art. The crate will contain packaging materials that meet all guidelines to keep it firmly in place during its journey, and will be tightly sealed together.

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