The Book

Avy K Productions/Erika Tsimbrovsky & Vadim Puyandaev

Commons Curatorial Residency Recipient 2011/2012

The Book, a boundary-breaking dance-based installation curated by Avy K Productions/Vadim Puyandaev and Erika Tsimbrovsky.  Over the course of the one-month installation, lead artists Erika Tsimbrovsky (choreographer/performer) and Vadim Puyandaev  (visual artist/performer) will work with more than a dozen Bay Area artists to create a dynamic environment for the creation of new work—a public diary that blurs the lines between artist and audience.

The Book is a series of installation/performances. We allow our personal stories to enter the performance space and leave behind an intimate message using any art media, creating a public diary.

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